Unless you are the smartest forensic analyst on the planet, just avoid anything Bitcoin or digital currency-related


Oh, you don’t agree because you

“believe in crypto” or have “made a fortune”

Well, I’m certain you’ll find all the victims caught up in the 14 bitcoin hacks and frauds I’ve listed below, also

“believed in crypto” – but I’m guessing their faith is now shattered

and thought they’d

“made a fortune” – until they read the news

Unfortunately, the line between “hacked” and “fraud” is becoming blurred

Africrypt claimed they were “hacked”,

but the Forensic investigators, currently chasing Lamborghinis in Dubai, “proved they weren’t hacked”

and therefore “believe it’s a scam”

If you doge(coined) a bullet so far, just thank Lady Luck

Those victims probably did no less “research” than you

If you think looking up “digital currency” on Google qualifies as “research”

They were also lured in by greed, dazzled by historic returns and (unregulated) BS promises of “more to come”, by those set to benefit

The problem is simply that you have absolutely no way of knowing if the list of frauds is complete

or that you won’t be the next victim

No one does

But what we do know is that the list is longer than a year ago and

Sean Peirce, the forensic investigator interviewed on BizNews.comhttps://lnkd.in/gvBiEgTb

currently has two Bitcoin fraud investigations on the go,


in one country!

Meaning chances are high that the global industry is harbouring a few more bad guys who are sure to damage lives, families and wealth

Don’t let it be yours

If you don’t want to risk your “wealth” evaporating after the fraudsters do a runner, or when the regulators come knocking

why don’t you take your chips off the table and invest the proceeds in REGULATED products, in a strategy that makes financial sense?


if you really have money to burn, you could always buy a Lamborghini

At least it’ll be yours

Largest known Frauds / Hacks (so far)
Bitclub Network 
Pincoin and iFan
Bitcoin Doublers
Mt. Gox