“Put your PHONE down. Get OUTSIDE. And have some FUN!”

What parent hasn’t yelled those words to their kids so far this year?

Am I right?

Don’t all nod your heads at once, we don’t want to knock the earth off its axis

Of course, WE know what’s best for them, don’t we?

Now it’s just gone middle of the month so I’m guessing you’ve all received your FUNd fact sheets by now,

so please do me a favour

Print them all out – an HP printer with some authentic ink would be nice..

And then glance across the holdings & sector weightings and let’s put them into two buckets

“PHONE” bucket &
“OUTSIDE” bucket

In the “PHONE” bucket, we’re going to include anything to do with our PHONEs

Sectors like:

-Info Tech – companies like Apple, Nvidia and Broadcom
-Communication Services – Alphabet, Facebook, ok “Meta”, Netflix
-Consumer discretionary is a fuzzy one because it’s everything from cars to online shopping, but if you spot Amazon in the top 10, include it

In the “OUTSIDE” bucket, we’re going with

– Energy because that’s linked to travel
– Consumer Discretionary because that’s cars & proper shopping (but not if you see Amazon in the top 10)

– Financials is tricky because the largest company is Berkshire which owns a chunk of Apple… but its also banks with branches OUTSIDE

We could go 50/50 or I tell you what,

If you’re excited about spending more money on experiences this year like holidays & restaurants & seeing friends, throw the Financials into the OUTSIDE bucket

But if you’re fired up about spending your money hunched over a computer on Amazon most days, keep it in the PHONE bucket

How are we looking?

Yes, I realise most FUNds have the same names in their top 10, but that’s what happens when the wind blows in one direction for 14 years

I know lots of you own Passives & the S&P500 is the biggie so I’ve done the heavy lifting for you on that one

I make it:

PHONE bucket 55%
(IT 28%, Cons Disc 12% Comm services 10% + ½ Fins 5.5%)

OUTSIDE bucket 8%
(3% energy + ½ Fins 5.5%)

A ratio of:


No wonder the Spiders aren’t having any FUN this year down 4%

Well, “performing in line with markets” doesn’t only apply when they’re going up you know


But I agree, it’s not an”inside PHONE portfolio”,

it’s an, “inside a tiny bathroom, PHONE Portfolio”

well, this did start with teenagers..

Right, so how are we going to fix this & all have FUN together?

Because I’m done with Covid

I only spent 1 night sweating like a Tesla short,

and what made me really ill was the knowledge that the UK Government kiboshed my Christmas family holiday over a few sniffles

I’d blame Covid brain fog for their Red List, but then their sense of judgment was poor looong before that

The good news is it’s simple

Get off your PHONE & get OUTSIDE

Not my advice,

It’s what parents tell their kids

(and some partners say to the other …)

Stay tuned and I’ll share the details on an OUTSIDE stock in a few days

I am supposed to be a FUNd Manager