Let’s play a game


Our Fund owns shares in ITV and they produce reality TV & game shows

Which are good businesses

Think about it

The Cost of producing Love Island is basically:

·        £50k of prize money for their buff contestants,
·        the rental cost of a Majorcan villa,
·        a couple of cameras &
·        a fully stocked bar fridge – if they order before 10 Downing Street

And for, “I’m (wanna be) a Celebrity get me outta here”, in its 21st series,

·        The bugs, snakes & dangly kangaroo bits they feed the contestants, are free in every Aussie jungle
·        and they don’t have to pay any prize money (true)

Yes, Visa costs might rise next season..,

but surely that’s a better business than

buying an “iconic brand” football club where you pay some prima donnas £200k A WEEK to sit in a hair salon Monday to Friday and then on the bench at the weekend?

Back to my game

It’s called, What makes financial sense NOW?

And it works like this

I tell you 2 stock stories & you get to choose which you want to own NOW

Cue spinning pie chart, flashing lights & a jingle

Since Funds are a conglomeration of companies & people like to choose them using performance history,

we provide you with the 1, 3, & 5 years performance numbers to help you decide

First up it’s JPM, the World’s largest bank valued at $465bn

Some call this a “quality bank”

perhaps referring to the “quality” $31m salary they paid their CEO last year

The largest bank in all Global / US Value ETFs I could find

So if you own one of these,

JPM is sure to be a top 5 position for you

In USD with dividends reinvested, the

1, 3 & 5 year numbers are +28%, +21%, +16%

Next up, Dutch Giant, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Where the CEO must wish he played football because last year he “only” earned €700k

Not greedy – tick

1, 3 & 5 year numbers are +68%  -10%, -5%

That’s right contestants, a few minuses in there

Thanks regulator!

Meaning $100 invested 5 yrs ago at 31.12.21 was worth

$210 for JPM
$ 78 for ABN

What’s it going to be?

cut to ads

We’re back, but before you decide, know this:

JPM’s CET1 Capital Ratio is 13%

In the results announced last week

EPS fell 13% in Q4

despite 3.5% fewer shares

The price fell 6%

Analysts think it’s on 13 x fwd earnings

No commitment on buybacks next yr

which makes sense – JPM trades at 2.2 x Tangible BV

ABN Amro

ABN’s CET1 capital ratio is 18%

The Dutch economy is strong

Analysts think it’s on 12 x fwd earnings

Before a potential €1bn buyback being discussed with the regulator, = ~7% shares in issue

ABN trades at 0.7x Tangible BV

so 1/3 the price & better capitalised..

and buybacks will add value

What makes financial sense?

The best historic performer


the best NOW?

If ABN wins, you may need to go active because

it’s only 0.04% in the MSCI World Value index

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