Step One

Read and consider the Fund Prospectus.

UK investors – please read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID).

South African investors – the KIID is not reviewed in terms of Board Notice 92 of 2014 and South African investors should instead consult the Latest factsheet / Minimum Disclosure Document. South African investors are requested to also read and consider the Schedule of Differences for South Africa.

European Economic Area investors should also read the Fund’s PRIIPs Key Information Document (PRIIPs KID).

Key Investor Information Document (KIID)

Key Investor Information Document (KIID) GBP Institutional Class

Key Investor Information Document (KIID) USD Institutional Class



Step Two (Recommended browser Google Chrome)

Select either the Application Form for individuals or the Application Form for investors other than natural persons.

Application Form for individuals
Application Form for investors other than natural persons


Step Three

Collate the required verification documentation as specified in the applicable Application Form.


Step Four

Scan and email the Application Form and client verification documentation to with the originals to follow to the Administrator’s address specified on the Application Form.


Step Five

Pay the subscription amount by bank transfer to the correct currency account as specified on page 3 of the Application Form under the section headed “Bank Remittance Information”. Please notify the Administrator at when this has been done, to facilitate tracking of funds.

UK Investors

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Ranmore Global Equity Fund plc is available on the following:

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